Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Open Thread 
    Open to a student 4th year or higher, or an adult who's lingering in the shop!
    The school year was drawing nearer with each passing day, and Frida had decided that no tears would be shed at the conclusion of their vacation. The summers were boring for the cautious Hufflepuff, who had always been too cowardly to attempt magic outside of school even when within the safety of her home. She didn't like breaking the law, as easy as it might have been to go around it. While the school year was always accompanied with a healthy dose of anxiety, it was still her home away from home. She'd moved between several different houses in the span of the decade following deaths in the family, but Hogwarts never changed.

    The summer's conclusion meant that school shopping was in order. The young pureblood had situated herself in Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, her hands running across the delicate feathered quills. Her eyes every now and then flickered back to the chaperon who had accompanied her, searching for any signs of disapproval on the older woman's face.

    It was only when she reached the back of the shop that her gaze was brought elsewhere. There was a person standing in the back corner of the shop, their head low as they fumbled with something in their hands. Brows furrowing in confusion, the Hufflepuff began to slowly walk around them. Her neck stretched as she tried to catch a peek at whatever the fuck they were doing, but the confusion on her face remained.

    "What are you doing back there?" she asked suddenly, straightening her back. It wasn't in her nature to be so upfront with people, but it also wasn't in her nature to leave her curiosity unfulfilled.
    Most of his shopping had already been done so now it was time to shop for the personal things. One of the things on his personal list was some new charmed ink. His old stuff was waning and the label had become so worn that he could no longer remember which brand it had been. It had been a gift to begin with so he had no clues other than the inkwells shape and the coloring of the contents.

    Tobin thought the inkwell in his hand might be a match but he couldn't be sure. Moving to where there was a bit of a better light, he was looking at the bottom for the stamp of the brand when some random asked what he was doing. He raised an eyebrow at her as he wondered what business it was of hers.

    "Shopping." He answered brusquely since she had asked him in the same manner. Looking back down at the inkwell, he decided that this wasn't the same one as his old one and put it back on the shelf before looking at another. "Are you always this forward?" He asked teasingly since it would be a very short thread if he just ignored her entirely.
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    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    Realizing that he was just holding an ink well rather than doing anything suspicious, Frida took a tiny step back and lowered her head. She'd assumed that he was tampering with the items or even stealing it, and it was clear that her assumption had been wrong — or at least she thought it was.

    There was always the chance that he was was smooth-talking his way out of whatever wrong he was doing, but it would incredibly silly of him to further engage her in conversation! Oh, now she was just overthinking! Her cheeks burned as she finally looked back up to meet his gaze wearing a guilty expression as he awaited her answer. She shook her head.

    "No," she asserted awkwardly, shifting uncomfortably where she stood. "I just thought ... no, never mind," she said, chewing on her lower lip.
    Tobin kept his eyes on the girl as she moved a little back and lowered her head. Looking through more inkwells, he was starting to think that the one he had gotten for Christmas was a foreign one or one that wasn't made anymore. Well, that sucked. He had really liked it.

    The guilty look on her face was a little amusing and he thought he could figure out exactly what she had thought that she was doing. "I must know what you thought or I'll perish from curiosity," he said, mildly sarcastic but mostly teasing.

    Had she thought that he had been stealing from the shop like some common urchin? Then again, he supposed some of his friends might steal for the thrill of it, who even knew?
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    He was teasing her, she noted, but was unsure of whether it was meant to be taken as a joke or as a sneer. The unfriendly vibe he gave off brought images of Seneca and Gretchen to her mind, but this person was an icky male and not at all related to her — in other words, he intimidated her.

    "It looked like you were tampering with something. There are bad people who would love to mess with the merchandise to hurt innocent people," she stated in the most straightforward manner that she could muster.
    "Well, I wasn't and I'm certainly not a bad person," Tobin said with a shrug before his lips spread into a smile of mischief. "Mischievous, maybe." He had never really been what one might call troublesome, though. Not in the schools eyes, anyway, considering he had received a prefect badge along with his supply letter earlier in the summer.

    "And besides, imagine if I had been. What would you have done if I was someone that would hurt you?" It was a little alarming to think about what might have happened if he had been someone like that debutante murderer that they read about in the news. He doubted whoever did that would care about forever silencing a young girl in a quill shop.
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    A blush crept up the Hufflepuff's neck as she was challenged by the elder boy. What would she have done if he was willing to harm her? She probably would do something rather than let him murder her.

    "I probably would've taken a page from my sister and set you on fire," she suggested sheepishly. Meta was probably the best example she could follow in that moment; she didn't really have the skill to use a spell that would instantaneously kill him. She would've likely used a spell that would've distracted him long enough for her to get away, and Incendio seemed like the perfect option.
    Tobin chuckled at her sheepish words. That would hardly be able to stop someone older than stronger than him. Especially if they were well versed in wandless magic but it would do well enough to at least alert people to the young girls plight. Unless they Avada'd her but eh, he'd prefer not to imagine a young girls path to a quick demise.

    "At any rate, I wasn't doing anything. I'm Tobin Cartwright, by the way. I've seen you in classes so I know you're close to my year," he said, pretty sure that she was one of the Lestrange girls but not one hundred percent on it.
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    He didn't take her seriously, which both concerned and disappointed her at the same time. Yet, it wasn't surprising; she'd likely win the award for 'Least Intimidating Lestrange'. Perhaps, she thought, it was time to get cozier with her scarier cousins simply for the sake of learning how to scare people off who threatened her! At least the boy, now known to her as Mr. Tobin Cartwright, wasn't a threat to her safety.

    "I'm a fourth year," she responded automatically. He wasn't a fourth year; she would know because Seneca would have mentioned him at least once. "Frida Lestrange is my name. It's... nice to meet you, Mr. Cartwright," she responded sheepishly, the feelings of embarrassment refusing to subside.
    "Fifth. Or well, will be," Tobin provided since she had. Ah, a Lestrange. "Nice to meet you as well, Miss Lestrange." It was true enough. Though nosey, she seemed nice and obviously has some sort of sense of justice. He could respect that.
    Tobin is a parselmouth

    owl electives: arithmancy, earth magic, ghoul studies
    clubs: quodpot, quidditch, dueling
    He seemed very tall to be a fifth year (or perhaps, she realized, she'd just failed to grow like Seneca or her other siblings had), but his features still reflected his claimed age. He seemed nice and polite, she thought, albeit a bit sarcastic.

    "So... Which house at Hogwarts do you belong to?" He obviously wan't a Hufflepuff, but she hadn't gotten an immediate vibe that might give her an obvious answer as to which house they belonged to. While many students didn't have such strong traits that openly displayed where they belonged, some (like cousin Seneca or Gretchen) did.