Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    02.05 One last puzzle before we depart!
    02.01 AC? What AC?
    01.26 Impending URL changes!
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    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
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    Extended Profile

    Tiberius Lestrange



    Played by Lynn
    Married 5 ft. 9 in.

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    Date of Birth
    04-23-1992 (25 years old)
    Local Time
    02-18-2018 at 02:03 AM
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    1 Week, 2 Days, 23 Hours, 43 Minutes, 32 Seconds
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    02-13-2018, 09:34 PM
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    Tiberius Lestrange

    October, 1880

    16 look to me with magdelena davis

    March, 1882

    26 birds of a feather with lysistrata lestrange
    31 upon a midnight dreary
    # xxi centuries old magic with merrythought galatea
    31 i'm not calling you a liar with valeria lestrange
    # nights with knights with calliope adler
    # and even when your hopes are gone with cassius lestrange

    April, 1882

    05 girl trouble with mr. c. lestrange
    06 you give my emptiness a name with valeria lestrange
    07 keeping secrets with ms. v. lestrange
    09 practical(le)strangers with lestrange family
    09 the after-dinner party with valeria lestrange
    10 hold tight, it's just beginning with valeria lestrange
    10 we are lovers with ms. v. lestrange
    18 careers with c. lestrange
    20 lonely was a safer place with valeria lestrange
    23 love potion number nine with valeria and seneca lestrange

    May, 1882

    30 dance with the devil with magdelena davis
    30 holding out, holding on with valeria lestrange
    30 one last kiss with magdelena davis
    31 family matters with lucius lestrange

    June, 1882

    06 all business with ms. a. baudelaire
    21 strange love with antigone baudelaire & lestranges

    July, 1882

    25 hell hath no fury with valeria lestrange

    August, 1882

    16 brief birthdays with c. lestrange

    September, 1882

    03 time passes with ms. v. lestrange
    # halfway there with edric winship

    October, 1882

    02 murder in the forêt morgue with various
    03 not forgotten with ms. v. lestrange
    04 heartbeat with valeria lestrange
    28 bridges with valeria lestrange
    # if i can learn to do it... with cassius lestrange
    # hearing the rain with rosie leigh
    30 quick, look human with c. lestrange

    December, 1882

    # architect of the soul with valeria lestrange
    09 does this mean we're friends with ms. m. davis

    January, 1883

    # the disappearing act with eli swan
    20 family favors with cassius lestrange

    January, 1884

    08 brilliance in passion with valeria greengrass

    March, 1884

    31 family announcement with mrs. v. greengrass

    March, 1885

    01 a slave by any other name with mr. s. echelon
    05 mystery box with ms. a. beaudelaire
    12 but think of the children! with sebastian echelon
    12 home sweet home with zebediah dawson
    28 happiest day of your life with ms. a. beaudelaire

    April, 1885

    10 your assistance is needed with ms. l. maroc
    11 prognosis with ms. t. lestrange
    12 sisterly care with mrs o. pendergast
    18 doing what needs to be done with lynette maroc
    23 grave news with l. lestrange
    26 we didn't start the fire with zebediah dawson, tatiana lestrange
    28 daddy issues with l. lestrange

    May, 1885

    01 like father, like son with lucius lestrange, tybalt lestrange
    17 dynamics with mrs. greengrass
    17 lighter than air with valeria greengrass

    June, 1885

    27 any reason these two should not be joined...? with ms. baudelaire

    July, 1885

    15 till death do us part with antigone lestrange

    August, 1885

    13 shark week with antigone lestrange

    September, 1885

    20 notifications pending with valeria greengrass

    January, 1886

    15 legitimacy is for chumps with valeria greengrass
    17 lessons in civility with antigone lestrange
    17 thanks for not murdering my wife with mrs. pendergast
    23 the taming of the shrew with antigone lestrange
    25 the charade with mrs. lestrange
    30 build on blood with antigone lestrange

    February, 1886

    09 return on investment with antigone lestrange
    13 you'll be the first to know with antigone lestrange, theseus greengrass, valeria greengrass
    15 expectant with ms. lestrange

    May, 1886

    04 let them eat cake with antigone lestrange

    July, 1886

    07 checking in with ms. lestrange
    25 how much you're mine with antigone lestrange

    August, 1886

    19 meet the missus with various

    September, 1886

    07 there will be blood with antigone lestrange
    09 announcements with various

    October, 1886

    31 the spirit of halloween with reagan rosier

    November, 1886

    08 i spy something beginning with... with antigone lestrange
    11 the wolf and the tigress with antigone lestrange
    18 belated birthday with mrs. lestrange

    December, 1886

    15 priorities with mrs. greengrass
    16 worse than nicotine with valeria greengrass
    20 how obnoxious with ms. t. lestrange
    24 non, je ne regrette rien with antigone lestrange
    25 tying up loose ends with antigone lestrange
    27 terms and conditions apply with antigone lestrange, tatiana lestrange
    28 technically, our marriage is saved with antigone lestrange
    31 looking up, going down with cecily carmichael

    January, 1887

    29 very belated holiday gifts with antigone lestrange

    February, 1887

    18 connections with tatiana lestrange

    March, 1887

    24 a fatal spooning? with mrs. lestrange, ms. lestrange
    24 thunder and lightning with antigone lestrange, tatiana lestrange

    April, 1887

    02 inquisitor with antigone lestrange
    06 welcome to the bachelorette with roman crouch
    09 (le)stranger things with lucius, belphoebe, seneca, antigone, tatiana, cassius lestrange, valeria and theseus greengrass
    12 meet the first contestant with thaddeus pettigrew
    16 southwood plantation road with antigone lestrange
    17 the first impression rose with ichabod malcorvus
    20 expectant with various relatives
    29 fuck panniers with antigone lestrange, belpheobe lestrange, nathaniel sabilline
    30 oceanographer's choice with antigone lestrange

    May, 1887

    05 the ol' ball and chain with bentley alden
    07 find me a find with roman crouch, tatiana lestrange
    11 the screening process with stephen flint
    13 timey-wimey detector with belphoebe lestrange, salome moore
    20 i will follow you into the dark with antigone lestrange
    25 family with lucius lestrange
    25 cleopatra with cassius lestrange, lucius lestrange, eli swan

    June, 1887

    16 strawberry fields forever with horatio wilde
    29 getting even with cassius lestrange

    July, 1887

    18 baby three is a boy with mrs. greengrass
    24 time to kill with antigone lestrange

    August, 1887

    11 help me read other people's minds with miss s. lestrange
    15 teach me something please with seneca lestrange
    16 our shared wifey's birthday with miss malfoy
    19 happy birthday, tig with antigone lestrange
    25 how do i sedate people with miss s. lestrange

    September, 1887

    09 how do i get my brain to not need sleep? with miss s. lestrange
    25 we burnt the toast with antigone lestrange
    26 if it kills me with antigone lestrange
    26 burnt toast with various

    October, 1887

    01 fault lines with valeria greengrass
    07 spare tire with l. lestrange
    09 are you murdered yet? with c. lestrange
    10 i really need to learn how to block my mind with miss s. lestrange
    11 oh the reckoning begins with antigone lestrange
    11 it's the little things with mrs a lestrange
    13 disarmed and disconcerted with antigone lestrange
    21 let's make a deal with cassius lestrange
    21 cicero with various
    23 power dynamics with conri power
    24 animal rights with stephen flint, enoch rosier
    27 you are not the one you say you are with antigone lestrange

    November, 1887

    03 a light in the dark with c. lestrange
    15 and i lied to all my friends with lucius lestrange

    December, 1887

    11 antigone's choice with antigone lestrange
    19 down to the wire with antigone lestrange

    January, 1888

    # title with


    Quick Stats

    Born 1862
    Dark Hair
    Grey Eyes
    5 ft. 9 in.
    Lean Build
    Upper Class
    Right Handed

    Misc. Facts


    Cannot Conjure Patronus


    Casual Criminal
    [1880 - 1885]

    [1885 - Present]


    Antigone, Wife

    Tatiana, Sister

    Lucius, Uncle
    Claudius, Cousin
    Valeria, Cousin
    Cassius , Cousin
    Seneca, Cousin


    Slytherin [1873 - 1880]
    -- Prefect [1877 - 1880]


    Ancient Runes


    Ancient Runes

    [Image: mZROQz.png]
    Set by Tiff!